After 40 years in the business of Dog Grooming. Alison Hunt has given tuition to our regular staff.

With a variety of breeds regularly trimmed, bathed and groomed at Tor View Kennels, our customers have accepted Kathryn now continuing this service under her own name.

Kathryn has worked really hard to achieve the standard set by Alison and is now able to do most breeds and coat conditions.
We strongly recommend you make a booking at least 2 weeks in advance.  It is not always possible to book days ahead as we are increasingly busy.

Morgan – before and after

groom-before groom-after grooming

POODLES (Toy & Miniature) 5-6 Weekly only £28.50
BICHON FRISÉE 5-6 Weekly only £28.50
POODLES (Standard) From £36.00
YORKIES etc From £27.50
Westies, Scotties & other Small Terriers From £28.50
SPANIELS From £28.50
Golden Retrievers, Bearded Collies,
Border Collies
From £40.00
Bathing, Nail Cutting and Anal Gland emptying BY APPOINTMENT

Prices may vary depending on the condition of the coat. Other breeds price on application.