Dellaph German Shepherds & Shelties

Our German Shepherd dogs are bred from strong healthy stock with the most wonderful temperaments. Our Dellaph lines are mixed with Guidewell lines (Guide Dogs for the Blind Assoc’s affix) to create sound working / pet puppies. We are proud that our pups have qualified as search dogs with the police and as Guide Dogs with visually impaired owners throughout the UK and recently in the Republic of Ireland.

Some Dellaph GSDs have become working “Guide Dogs”.. Dellaph  owners repeatedly return for further puppies of our breeding and regularly recommend new people to us.

The Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind now have many of our own “Dellaph” breeding. Also they have supplies from our late stud dog “Torman” to use in Artificial Insemination procedures with their brood stock.


We have had great Television Footage of “”Izac”” and Magazine News of both “Izac” and his sister “Izzy” (Dellaph Laetorm Lorcon and Laisha…siblings to our bitch Lousha.

“Izac” has become their first dual purpose dog, retrained to work alongside an Electric wheelchair as well as being an Assistance dog…..helping with household tasks.

One of our pups, Tazz, which was sold to the British Transport Police, has done really well in Competition. He has won the Rail Safe Obedience Competition 2003.

Also in May 2005 he received a Bravery Award for his actions when he confronted with 200 raging football hooligans.

His brother “Zeus” was pictured in the Daily Telegraph patrolling the first train to run on the Piccadilly line since the 7th July London Terrorist bombings.


Breeding our GSDs & Shelties for over 40 years, we have kept healthy stock without many veterinary bills.  We have always fed raw “Natural” diets, used homeopathy, garlic and believe in NOT over vaccinating.  CHC  (Canine health concern) is an organisation introduced to us a few years ago and highlight our views too. A “must see” web page. We recommend you subscribe to their newsletter. details available from their web site. Click here for CHC Web Site. Read the CHC article “Your Dog’s health – the basics facts”  See Catherine O’Driscoll’s Book “What vets don’t tell you about vaccines”  available from Amazon

For those who would like more information about Natural feeding and the dangers of additives in “so called” dog food now being manufactured for pets go to the paper written by Michael W. Fox BVetMed.Phd.Dsc.MRCVS CLICK HERE

To obtain Homoeopathic Nosodes go to this Website : Ainsworth Homoepathy

RETIRED  BITCHES / Dogs for rehoming
From time to time we have bitches who have retired from our breeding programme and to let them spend their last few years in a family environment we offer them to very special people who know and love our “Dellaphs” but are unable to have a puppy. For further information  click here 


We are very proud that most puppies from us go as wonderful friendly family pets . Many owners having had as many as 5 GSDs from us over the years.

Some pups compete in agility / obedience work and some qualify as “Pets as Therapy” (PAT) dogs.

If we have a request for a pup for breeding it will have an endorsement on the kennel club registration certificate that its progeny cannot be registered nor that it will be issued with an export certificate.

These endorsements will be lifted on production of proof that the pup has passed the required health tests at the appropriate time. This is to prevent indiscriminate breeding and to maintain the DELLAPH quality.

For further information contact us on  or ring 01458 860637

We have no puppies at this moment

       To add your name to our 2021 waiting list  please telephone 01458 860637 or email to

To keep your name on OUR WAITING list we ask you to “touch Base” regularly, PLEASE 

GSD stud “Xetro” is available to approved bitches only.

For further information about our GSDs and when litters are likely to be available please telephone 01458 860637 or email us at

From time to time we have retired bitches for special people unable to have a puppy to share their later years.

We also get the occasional dog back for re-homing when the owner’s circumstances change.






                   VIDEOS OF DELLAPH SHELTIES (Shetland Sheepdogs)

                        VIDEO OF SHELTIE ADULTS & ONE PUP PLAY 2017                              VIDEO OF two litters playing 2017  

                                                                  Watch on Youtube (2011 litter)3 clips filmed of our Sheltie pups at 4 , 5½ and 9 weeks old  


Enquiries for future litters can be made to the email address or phone number as shown below.

For further information phone 00 44 (0)1458 860 637 or contact us by e-mail

From time to time we have retired bitches for special people unable to have a puppy to share their later years.